IGJJF Day 1 Quick Report

IGJJF Day 1 Report

The day began with well over 100 kids taking the mats. Although the rules were the more traditional 5 minute rules, the matches were action packed as the latest generation took to the mat in the spirit of competition and gave it their all.

The action then continued from the white and purple belts as well as the women’s divisions. The star of the day had to be Bill “the Grill” Cooper, who won both the under 181 purple belt division and the absolute division defeating the likes of Andrew “Judo Goat” Smith, Leo Santos, Sean Conley and Jarrod Kwitty.

In the under 154 purple belt division Cobra Kai teammates Johnny Nohara and Sim Go split the division.

Promoter Rener Gracie declared it was a fun day for everyone, that lived up to the promise of no stalling, no advantages and no bull. He was very proud that the reaction from participants was favorable, many even declaring that this was the first tournament that they had absolutely no complaints!

Stay tuned for Day 2 coverage, including black and brown belt results.

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