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Quick report Stay tuned for photos, video and more Vissit www.IGJJF.com The IGJJF this weekend attracted around 600 competitors. This was well over double any of the previous tournaments. This caused things to run quite a bit longer than normal on Saturday despite the fact that the tournament was well run with six mats going at all times. Still with 30 minute time limits, very few matches went the distance, as either the tap or 12 points tended to come quickly, at least in the earlier rounds. However as the brackets progressed, competitors skill level matched up and with more at stake the matches tended to lengthen, although the excitement level was always high at the tournament. Day 1 The first day saw an absolutely massive amount of kids and white belt competitors. I repeat this every tournament, but Purple belt matches Two standouts include Ryan Hall who won all three matches by triangle choke in the featherweight, and Alex Perez who all three matches by submission in the middleweight category. Alfredo Prado wins the absolute category. Day 2 Notable Brown Belt matches Shane Rice wins his division. Bill Cooper defeats Ralek Gracie 12-4. Stunning performance by the Grill as he was very aggressive on Ralek, passing guard, taking the mount and simply overwhelming his opponent with his offense. Chris Moriarty defeats Kevin Casey by armlock. Tough match as both men were throwing their weight around, while on top Kevin leaves and opening and Chris swings around for a triangle to an armbar for the tapout. Chris Moriarty taps Bill Cooper by knee crank. Cooper pulls guard but Moriarty gets twsiter controls, he then dives around the legs and pulls down for the tap. Black Belt matches: there were a ton of black belts present and competing and at points four matches were going on. Javi Vazquez vs Rick Lundell Javi Vazquez is making his return to competition after an absence of two years. Rick Lundell is a 19 year old black belt phenom from Utah. Rick pulls guard and shoots a lightening quick triangle on Javi, however Javi goes right around and take’s Rick’s back in a crucifix. Javi looks for his patented back attacks, however Rick escapes and comes back on top. Rick manages to establish a little better than a half mount and begins looking for a shoulder lock on Javi! Looks dangerous, but Javi manages to escape to full guard. Rick looks to pass guard as Javi opens up looking for a submission. This stalemates and as according to the IGJJF rules the competitor’s positions are switched. Rick looks to sweep, but Javi shows great balance and pressures for the pass. Rick hangs tough, but Javi eventually passes and gets the mount. Rick quickly escapes putting a leg back in, but Javi is relentless now, manuevering to the back. Javi gets one hook in but Ricky defends the second one well. With Rick trying to pry Javi’s legs off, Javi traps the arm and creates a two on one situation for the choke, but scores 12 points for the win. Ted Jimenez vs Frederico Sabbatini Ted Jimenez pulls guard and Frederico works to pass. Frederico gets the pass and plays very heavy to side control. Ted tries to buck Frederico off, who shows great control. The match remains here for quite some time. Frederico get the choke from the top. Luciano Banderi vs Phil Cardella Luciano gets the takedown and Phil Cardella pulls to guard right away. Not much action here, and the positions are reversed evening up the score. Luciano sweeps to mount and brings the score to 6-1, however Phil recovers guard. Luciano passes guard to side control, take mount and run the score to 12 points winning the match. John Carlquist vs Enrique Stefani Pulls to guard immediately. John Carlquist comes on top and finishes by choke. Daniel Thomas vs Robin Gielser Almost immediately into the match Daniel winds up on top in North South Position. Daniel threats atacks, however Robin recovers to guard and even begins threatening the triangle. Daniel looks for the pass, but falls prey to the choke. Robin comes back from a 9-2 deficit to win by submission. Johnny Ramirez vs Jeff Glover This quickly becomes the battle of the guards with Glover pulling first. Not much action here, so the positions are reversed. Johny manages to take Jeff’s back for points, but Glover escapes. Ramirez remains on the bottom, and Jeff looks to pass and nearly takes the back himself. After awhile he secures the hooks. Glover finishes with the bow and arrow choke from the back for the win. Ryron Gracie vs Marcio Souza Ryron looks for the takedown, however Souza comes on top. Ryron works the guards and eventually pulls in for the triangle choke, after some adjustments Ryron gets the tap for the win. Frederico Sabbatini vs Javi Vazquez Rematch from the black belt pro am a few years ago. Javi pulls guard, Javi secures a foot lock and gets the tap in very quick fashion. Robin Geisler vs Ronald Assuncao Ronald pulls guard, and when Robin stands up to pass, Ronald spins to a a foot lock. Ronlad defends and spins around to the back, no hooks however and eventually moves into a guard. Match continues and Ronald wins vis tapout. Dale Frank vs Bill Ferrierra. Dale Frank runs the score up to 9-0 early, but Dale hangs tough and continues to fight him every step of the way. Bill eventually takes the back and finishes 12-0 Phil Cardella vs Enrique Stefani Phil Cardella pulls guard and finishes by triangle choke. John Ramriez vs Frederico Sabbatini. Frederico by choke on Johnny Ramirez. Javi Vazquez vs Jeff Glover Glover pulls half guard to begin. Jeff looks to take the back but Javi moves into a side control with his leg ties up. Javi looks to take the back, but Glover escpaes and drop to half guard again. Javi keeps his base well and looks to pass. Glover looks for a a choke, but Javi quickly gets out. Jeff looks for a twisters, but Javi escapes. more of Glover’s half guard, he’s looking to sweep but he Javi shows a strong base. Match continues like this for sometime and the positions are reversed, evening the score at 2-2. Javi pulls up into a modified rubber guard from the bottom, but Glover keeps him away. As Javi shoots a triangle, Glover defends and works for the pass. Glover manages to pass to the mount and the score goes to 2-6! Javi escapes to butterfly guard and then manages to come on top. Jeff works a butterfly guard as Javi looks to pass. Jeff goes for an Omaplata and nearly gets it, but Javi manages to escape. Positions are reveresed according the IGJJ rules and Jeff goes into Javi’s closed guard. Javi again pulls up to a modified rubber guard. Javi manages to sweep work on top. Javi threatens to take the back, but Jeff hangs tough and threatens some sweeps of his own. Jeff nearly comes on top several times, however Javi pushes forward and remains on top each time. After a short break in the action, Javi tries a cross choke without even passing guard. Glover defends, but Javi nearly gains the mount. Jeff gets back to half guard, Javi increases pressure and forces Glover to turtle. with three minute left and down 8-4, Javi is more frantic and aggressive in his movements. However a final change of positions is warranted and Javi goes back to closed guard. Glover immediately falls back into a foot lock when Javi opens his guard, Javi defends and tries his own foot lock, which Glover is forced to tap to. One of the greatest matches I have ever seen. Daniel Thomas vs Dale Frank Daniel takes the back and secures the bow and arrow choke for the tap. Marcelo Souza vs Luciano Banderi High paced match, which winds up with Luciano clutching his shin in pain after defending a takedown. Match continues however, and Souza remains on top. Marcelo Souza wins by running the score to 12 in a tough, tough match. Ryron Gracie vs Mike Fowler All eyes to the center mat for this match up. The two shake hands and then tie up. Both try foot sweeps to no avail, and then Mike drops to guard. In the scramble he gets half guard however. Fowler goes for his lock down, but Ryron provides tremndous pressure from here. Ryron frees his leg and goes straight to mount. Fowler traps the legs from underneath and amanges to come on top! Ryron comes right back on top and gets back to mount -almost, Fowler keeps half guard. Ryron spends the next few minutes looking to get mount, but Fowler hang tough, not allowing Ryron to advance. Fowler sweeps and comes on top, forcing Ryron to half guard! Once again Ryron comes back on top and back to Fowler’s half guard. Folwer sweeps once again to Ryron’s half guard. Fowler looks very tired but is in a good position right now. Fowler battles Ryron’s grips, and stands up looking to pass. Ryron stands up and looks for the takedown, however Fowler jumps to guard now. Fowler is definitely breathing heavy now, Ryron looks calm. Scorekeepers call time for the position switch, but because they’ve gone up and down the referee keeps them in the same position. After a break Ryron comes very heavy again, but Fowler once again locks down the half guard. Ryron very nearly take mount, Fower keeps trapping Ryron’s foot each time however. Fowler once again gets the sweep, and the score is closer at 6-4. Fowler looks to manuever, but Gracie falls back to an ankle lock and secures the tap for the win. Great match, and Fowler shows enormous heart fighting a much larger Ryron. Johnny Ramriez vs Rick Lundell Johnny pulls half guard. Ricks spins around and around and takes the back, looking for the bow and arrow choke. Johnny holds tight but is eventually forced to tap. Frederico Sabbatini vs Rick Lundell Frederico gets the takedown early on and goes to Rick’s guard. Rick looks for a sweep and forces and armbar, getting it for the tap in rapid fashion. Stay tuned for photos, video and more very soon! For official results, please check out www.IGJJF.com

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