Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu | Carlson Gracie Team – Brabo Choke from the Closed Guard

Closed guard is one of my favorite places to attack from.  Of course, I would rather be on top in a fight, but when practicing or playing sport jiu jitsu, I really enjoy the closed guard.  There are a lot of attacks that you can do.  Some are very simple and can be used playing gi or no gi and some are more gi reliant or more sport jiu jitsu.  


I recently heard someone refer to some of this sport jiu jitsu as gi origami.  Kind of a funny analogy but true.  There are a number of ways to open your gi or your opponents gi and begin wrapping and folding yourself into an attack or control position.  While these are definitely not positions to build your game on, it is good (and fun) to learn some and can be a good way to catch your opponent off guard and in a submission when they are least expecting.


This video is a combination choke that I have a lot of luck with. It is easy to learn and if applied with basic postural fundamentals, you can also quickly master it and find your own success.  Take a look and like always, email me if you have any questions!


Thanks and see you on the mats!


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