Invincible fighting Championship “A means to an end”

The night was filled with hard fought battles, submissions and TKO victories that left the crowd screaming for most of the night. Invincible fighting Championship “A means to an end” went off without a hitch Saturday night at the Ontario Convention Center as fight fans bared witness to some truly action packed fights. The night was filled with hard fought battles, submissions and TKO victories that left the crowd screaming for most of the night.

To start the night off new comers David Gomez representing Team Shark Tank took on Team Diamond fighter Tony Dalton both were making their professional debut that night. After the bell rang Dalton wasted no time feeling out his opponent and immediately rushed his opponent and looked for a takedown. Unable to get Gomez to his back he pulled guard and at the same time sunk in a Guillotine Choke that made Gomez tap just 24 seconds into round one.

In the second fight of the night Unbreakable team fighter Robert Vargas (1-0) was looking to keep his winning streak alive as he took on Brian Aguirre, who was making his pro debut that night. Vargas who was an accomplished amateur wrestler was able to control the fight with his takedowns and ground and pound throughout the match. Anytime Aguirre seemed to get any type of advantage Vargas’s scrambling ability put him right back on the floor. Although Aguirre was able to avoid his opponents guard passes the blows he received from the top position would be too much for the ref as he stopped the fight just shy of the 2 minute mark due to unanswered blows.

Following that fight was a hard fought decision victory as Riverside Submission fighter and OTM sponsored Ronald Lebreton (3-2) took on Shark Tank Team fighter Cameron Adams. Although it was Adams who looked quicker and more athletic it was Lebreton’s heart and determination that carried him to victory. Thoughout the contest Lebreton ability to takedown and control frustrated Adams constantly, landing strikes and escaping submission attempts throughout the fight gave the judges all they needed to award Lebreton the unanimous decision.

In the most exciting contest of the night Musa Toliver (0-5) fighting out of Harbor kickboxing Academy and the Body Shop took on a tough up and comer in Junior Kling (2-0). Kling who some say trains out of his garage came out swinging as both him and his opponent threw some serious punches that had KO written all over them. However it was Kling who was able to land decisively more punches that made Toliver’s eye swell up by the end of round one. Seeing that his opponent was winning on the feet Toliver attempted to take him down but was only successful a few times as Kling was able to stop each takedown or scramble to his feet after an every attempt. Seeing that his opponent was tired Kling put more pressure landing harder punches and knees that left Toliver looking for the bell at the end of round 2. As Toliver sat on the stool after the round he opted not to answer the bell at the start of round 3 giving Kling his third straight victory.

Following that fight the audience saw another Shark Tank team fighter in Dominic Verdungo (2-0) take on Riverside Submission fighter Philip Brown (1-1). Right away you could tell both fighters wanted no part of the stand up game as both were content to rush right into the clinch to look for the takedown. It would be Brown though who while stuck in some what of a G-choke would put Verdungo on his back using a lateral throw. Once on the floor the only offence Verdungo would be able to mount was a failed Kimura attempt from his back while Brown would attempt to pass his guard. Once past his guard Brown showed some beautiful jujitsu as he transitioned from Side mount to Scarf hold to Knee on belly position all the while landing some punches and elbows on his opponent. In the end while in the north south position he would sink in Jeff Monson’s favorite move the north south choke that had Verdungo tapping out to avoid passing out just past midway point of round one.

In a battle of the heavyweights Huston Smith (1-0) fighting out of Diesel Fighting took on Romanian fighter Catalin Zmarendescu (1-0). From the first takedown attempt initiated by Smith you could tell right away Zmarendescu was not only the stronger of the two but the better wrestler as well. He demonstrated this after constantly stonewalling Smith takedown attempts and suplexing him when he had the chance, while on top he was able to pick his shots as he threw very few punches but each was able to find its mark with vicious accuracy. Showing his dominance the whole fight Zmarendescu opted to end the fight in spectacular fashion as he threw 2 devastating knees to his opponent’s body while Smith was turtled up looking to avoid punches to the head. In the end the ref called the fight just shy of the 2 minute mark in the second round giving Zmarendescu his second pro win.

In the main event of the night Brandon Magana (4-0) from the San Diego Fight Club took on Brian “Unbreakable” Warren (9-10-1) who was representing his own gym the Unbreakable gym from San Bernardino Ca. As the bell sounded for round one you could tell what Magana game plan was, use his strikes to draw Warren in and get the fight to the floor. The seasoned Warren though would not go down without a fight, and although on his back for majority of the fight he was able to fend off his opponents’ strikes and positional dominance as he either blocked most strikes or always got back to guard. Going into the third round Warren knowing he was down 2 rounds went for broke as he from the bottom split Magana’s head wide open with a elbow before scoring a Kimura sweep to gain the dominate position. Once on top Warren went for a G-choke/neck crank from half guard that had his opponent gasping for air, but the clock would work against Warren as the bell would sound ending the fight. In the end regardless of the late rally by Warren the judges would award Magana the Unanimous victory.

Official Results

Tony Dalton def David Gomez via Submission (G-Choke) 0:24 R1

Robert Vargas def Brian Aguirre via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 1:53 R3

Ronald Lebreton def Cameron Adams via Decision (Unan) 3:00 R3

Chris Black def Miguel Linares via Submission (Tech G-Choke) 2:05 R1

Junior Kling def Musa Toliver via TKO (Corner Stoppage) 3:00 R2

Phillip Brown def Dominic Verdungo via Submission (N/S Choke) 1:33 R1

Catalin Zmarendescu def Huston Smith via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 1:54 R2

Brandon Magana def Brian Warren via Decision (Unan) 3:00 R3

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