Is It Sold? Who Cares!

There has been many conflicting reports about the sale of the UFC lately. As recently as yesterday, Dana White was a guest not eh new podcast Unfiltered featuring Jim Norton and Matt Serra where he said there is no chance the UFC is being sold despite numerous reports to the contrary from news outlets around the world. Also, there was Ariel Helwani during his band dropping some information about how as fronting the promotion in this sale. Recently, some new websites have said the sale is completed to the WME group and the Ferttitas are leaving to grow their casino empire with White getting a cut of the new promotional running and staying on in his current role despite getting a $300+ million dollar payout. Ultimately, it is hard to distinguish between fact and fiction at this point.

Dave Sholler recently said and released that there is no sale and that there would be legal action agains those that say there has been. Also, TMZ is reporting that there is no where near close to a sale and that supposed getting in Hollywood this weekend could not have happened since Zuffa’s higher ups were still in Vegas while the WME head was at a Bar Mitzvah in another country. Regardless of if the promotion is being sold or not, which would be a big deal, it needs to stop being reported as this is the click bait that White has professed reporters to talk about o gain views on their site. Ultimately, if it is sold, it will happen and we will all hear about it. Right now, it should be more important to look toward the future, the big UFC PPV that is coming up and report things like Joanna Calderwood getting a new contract and fight night bonus after professing to be broke this weekend despite putting on a stellar performance in the first female UFC Flyweight fight.

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