Its been seven weeks, my infection has cleared and i can shower again!

I cant tell you how sick i am of just laying around trying to work and be in a good mood. Its kinda like prison but better.

After a month of being laid up i went to see the Dr and my body was not happy without the internal stitches.  they were infected and it was a mess. The Dr put me on antibiotics and told me another 2 weeks of trying to lay around and as little moving as possible.  I thought i was going to get to shower and go to physical therapy.  No such luck just more drugs and back to the house for me.

But now im cleared to start physical therapy and shower!  Looks like in another month i can get out the house and get back to work somewhat!  My leg still has numb spots with tingling and i still cant stand on my toes.  But the worst part is my foot still goes cold, dead numb cold. And, it is annoying!


Sorry in the delay getting this up.  I just kinda forgot about it.  Im doing much better and that whole in my back is gone!  Still got a lot of theapy to go.

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