Jay Estrada and Jacob Stahler jump into Carson’s Pit!

Fight Promoter Jacob Stahler (pictured left) andunderrated MMA warrior Jay “El Terrible” Estrada(right) join Carson for a GREAT show!

In these two no-holds-barred interviews, Carson andEstrada discuss “El Terrible”‘s entire fight careerbefore Stahler stops in to discuss “Primetime FC:Inception,” his upcoming first event.

Hear Estrada and Carson talk about Clay Guida, SamStout, Bart Palaszewski and revenge against all three,then feel reassured as Stahler puts to rest some ofthe outrageous rumors circulating about his firstshow!

Estrada and Stahler pull no punches, and neither doesBob! Hear Estrada’s thoughts on his “beatdown” ofCanadian fighter Sam Guillet, whether or not Jaythinks he can do the same thing to upcoming opponentDave Love! We also cover Jay’s thoughts on Sherk vs.Penn, Pulver vs. Faber, moving to 155, his toughestopponent and much more! All of that happens evenbefore Stahler steps into Carson’s Pit and before Bobcatches and fillets all of the latest MMA news andrumors.

It’s another packed freezer full of high-proteinCarson proteins and essential “Omega-C” goodness!Don’t miss it!

To listen to the show, click here:http://carsonscorner.podomatic.com/

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