Jeff Glover DVD Download Comes Free with Dan Faggella’s BJJ “Giant Killer 2.0” Course

 Dan Faggella’s specialty is beating bigger, stronger opponents. At 128 pounds, and training practically in the middle of nowhere – and with white belts – he was able to not only win some IMPRESSIVE absolute division matches and trophies at the expert level… but also win the No Gi Pan Ams on his 2nd day of being a brown belt. He won my calls submissions without a point scored against him.

How did he do it? It wasn’t raw mat time – training with white belts Dan also had to manage running a BJJ gym, being a college speaker, and going to graduate school at the same time. Two days a week of his own training was common. His REAL secret – and what’s made quite obvious in his recent Giant Killer 2.0 release – is his study and analysis of the best BJJ lightweights alive.


Writing for most of the major BJJ magazines on topics such as skill development, Dan also traveled the country (and even Brazil) to seek out 1-on-1 time with the likes of Felipe Costa, Robson Moura, Caio Terra, and others. One of the experts he was lucky enough to interview was Jeff Glover. 


Dan’s been a writer / interviewer on OnTheMat for close to a year, and I wanted to do something special for the release of his "Giant Killer 2.0" Course.


It’s a program entirely dedicated to technique and strategy for beating bigger, stronger opponents in BJJ – and it’s based on only off of all of Dan’s tournament experience, but also off of his interviews and private lessons with the world’s best grapplers (check it out here).


When you get in on Giant Killer from the link on THIS page, I’m going to throw in Jeff Glover’s "Welcome to the Jungle" DVD – in digital form – filmed live in Costa Rica. The DVD is packed with live rolling footage, drilling footage, and technique from one of the world’s BEST "giant killers." 


Go ahead and check out Dan’s course here: "Giant Killer 2.0."  <– and get the Jeff Glover DVD download Free!


When you grab the course – send me a copy of the receipt and I’ll send you a digital version of the entire "welcome to the Jungle" DVD, 100% free!


Two giant killer courses is one? How could you turn it down! Check it out here.


– Scotty

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