Jens Pulver will be coming to BlackMat MMA on April 9th, 2011 @ 7:00 pm to screen his new documentary "Driven". He will be giving his testimony to the BlackMat Kids and will be signing autographs.  


Jens Pulver grew up in an environment that few could imagine, and that would cripple most spirits. At the age of seven, Jens had a shotgun shoved into his mouth by his abusive father, who had lined up the children and threatened to kill them all, starting with Jens. By the age of ten, Jens was fist-fighting the man on a regular basis, and losing daily.

From this brutal beginning, Jens Pulver spent a lifetime fighting to overcome the poverty of his circumstance, corralling the physical and spiritual demons of his childhood, and eventually unleashing them into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, where he rose to epic proportions.

In 2001, Jens Pulver became the first Lightweight World Champion under the now multi-billion dollar fight industry that is the UFC. Jens Pulver’s image is branded into video games, t-shirts, athletic gear, and the minds of millions of Mixed Martial Arts fans around the world.


Known for his easy-going, approachable nature and reverence for his fans, Jens holds a special place in the hearts and minds of MMA fans the world over. He is a legend, a pioneer, and likely the only fighter in MMA to bring an arena to its feet cheering his name even in defeat.JENS PULVER | DRIVEN takes you behind the scenes for an emotional roller coaster ride that proves equally heartbreaking and inspirational as we follow legendary mixed martial arts champion, Jens Pulver, on his ‘last march’ toward a do or die comeback after suffering four losses in the cage. 


The result is an unprecedented in depth look into the fighter, capturing an intimate portrait of a man who rose from a childhood laced with violence and substance abuse, to become one of the most loved and respected MMA fighters of all time.

Hailed as “Beautiful,” “Emotional,” and “Raw and Powerful,” JENS PULVER | DRIVEN transcends the traditional fight film, bringing us an intimate and unflinching look into the world of Jens Pulver who, though brought up in circumstances that would have crippled most spirits, found the drive to persevere and become a champion in his sport.

Ultimately, it is a film about a universal human struggle, transcending loss, and overcoming hardship through the many fights we all share in our pursuit of greatness. It is, poignantly, a film about one man’s drive, in an increasingly dire American psyche, to overcome the most trenchant of odds, and redefine his fate in a quest to provide a more solid future for self and family than his own meager inheritances would have allowed.

Jens Pulver’s story is everyone’s story, and through this journey we find that is why Jens Pulver is so loved by fight fans around the world.


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