Jiu-Jitsu Battle – 2012 Invitational: Purple Belt 8-Man Tournament (Saturday, December 29th)

Jiu-Jitsu Battle – 2012 Invitational
Saturday, December 29, 2012
Fitnex Training
Los Angeles, California, USA


The tournament is being organized by Want vs. Need. It will be an 8-Man tournament featuring 8 top Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belts competing in One Division (Light-Featherweight/Featherweight/Lightweight). The Rules are Simple: Submission Only with No Time Limit.


Here are the 8 confirmed Purple Belts:

-Jose Fernandez (Sandro Batata)
-Michael Liera (Atos)
-Edwin Najimi (Romulo Barral)
-Wayne Ashford (Cobrinha)
-Rayom Ribeiro (Paulo Guillobel)
-Dominic Damian (Undisputed)
-Jacob Sandoval (Cobrinha)
-Windson Ramos (Checkmat)


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