Jiu-jitsu James Bond Gumby battles sharks in Carson’s Pit!

n this episode of Carson’s Corner, Ralph Gracie black belt and founder of the hugely influential OnTheMat.com website Alan “Gumby” Marques steps into Carson’s Pit to grapple with the master of MMA radio! Gumby shares his unique perspective on the evolution of BJJ and grappling – including some of the competitors who give the sport a bad name, whether BJJ is still as “street lethal” as it once was, and what the next big breakthrough in the world of submissions might be.

Gumby also discusses the fight career of his mentor Ralph Gracie and the disappointing loss to Takanori Gomi which marked the last time fans saw “The Pitbull” in the ring, as well as the classic Wallid Ismail interview that helped establish OnTheMat and caused a sensation with online MMA fans!

Bob also answers some of your listener e-mail and discusses the new season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Don’t miss it!

To listen to the show, click here:http://carsonscorner.podomatic.com/

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