Jiu-jitsu Matrix Extra Phil Migliarese vs Jeff Curran

A friend recently sent me this video clip. Watch it as many times as you can and then repeat it with a friend. It is a basic move, but it is really works well in competition. http://www.balancestudios.net/JJMpagesMIXED/jiujitsumatrix_Phil_vs_Jeff.htm Please pass this Email to a friend!!! Join the Matrix Yet? JiuJitsuMatrix.com Thanks,Phil Migliarese”The Guru of Jiu-jitsu”Gracie Jiu-jitsu Black Belt The Jiu-Jitsu Matrix NetworkFind a School near you http://www.balancestudios.net/bjj_associations.htm SPONSORS:Grapplers Quest, “The Greatest Grappling Show on Earth”: http://www.Grapplers.com TriStateGrappling.com Matrix Archives ON THE MAT OntheMat.com

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