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Joao Marcos Pierini is back in the Octagon at the HP Pavilion March 10 2006. He will be fighting Doug Evans on his return to the ring and on the same card as the historic Gracie-Shamrock barn burner.

Joao Pierini has over 20 years of MMA and street fighting experience. Coming from the tough streets of Brazil, Joao focused on his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu early on and was considered one of the top Brazilian MMA fighters in Brazil before coming to America. Once he was here he trained with Eugene Jackson and Tim Lacjik at the Gladiator training Academy. At the time Joao was in peak fighting shape and only 155 lbs.

Joao fought in Hawaii, winning his match against Nassar Lewis. He was on a roll and was quickly noticed by the UFC. At UFC 37.5 Joao ran into Yves Edwards. After a couple minutes of back and forth action Yves landed a kick that caused nerve damage to Joao’s neck. He was injured and could not fight on.

However, being a true fighter, he battled his injury, opened a successful school in Half Moon Bay, and got back into fighting shape. He will be ready to fight at 170 lbs. and just as mean and fast as ever. Joao has been working his stand up and BJJ at AKA in San Jose for the past couple months. There is no doubt that he has a great team of guys to work with. Look for this fight to be fast paced and action packed. Joao appreciates all the support from friends, family, and fans. Thanks

Joao Marcos PieriniMMA5 Wins1 Loss

• 2002 -Champion US Open Bjj 2002 – Santa Cruz, Ca.U.S.A• 2002- Fought UFC 37.5 – Las Vegas, NV.• 2001-Champion Warriors Guest N.H.B in Hawaii Dec.U.S.A• 1994-Champion Bjj Colegio Magno Sao-Paulo,Brazil.• 1997 Champion Super Fight Brazilian vale-tudo# 7 Santo Andre Brazil• 1996 Champion Brazilian vale-tudo # 4 in Curitiba,Brazil• 1994 2nd place jiu Jitsu Open vs. Royler Gracie.Sao-Paulo,Brazil• 1993 National Champion Bjj, Brazil• 1992 Champion Bjj jiu Jitsu Open Paulista Sao-Paulo, Brazil• 1991 Champion Bjj jiu Jitsu Open Paulista Sao-Paulo, Brazil• 1990 Champion Bjj Tournament Octavio de Almeida,Sao Paulo,Brazil• 1993 3dr,Place Bjj Mameluc Competition Rio de Janeiro,Brazil• 1993 Champion Bjj Interclubes Belo-Horizonte L.B.J.J,Brazil• 2001 2nd,Place Judo Tournament Univ. San-Francisco U.S.A

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