John Danaher Fundraiser Needs Your Help!

John Danaher is in need of the BJJ community’s help. Danaher is known as one of the nicest and generous practitioners in the art of BJJ and is in need of a hip surgery. Professional MMA fighter, former GSP training partner and Danaher disciple Erik Owings put together the fundraiser of to help his friend and training partner. The $30,000 goal will not only help with the recovery, but with the physical therapy and lost revenue due to not being able to give seminars or train people. It has raised 50% of their goal in only 34 donations, and has allocated donations from the likes of former UFC Welterweight champion GSP, UFC fighter Tom Breese, and Rumulo Barral. Anything you can give to help one of our own would be great. Check out the fundraiser here!

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