Jon Jones Arrested

UFC 197 seems to have a big problem as Jon Jones was arrested in conjunction with his recent problem with the cops. While he was only pulled over due to speeding, the issue is that the former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion is on probation due in part to his hit and run incident where narcotics were found in the car he was driving. Part of that probation states that he has to stay out of trouble essentially along with all the community service and speeches he has given. There is no concern over his use of drugs, but this is a continuing problem that is easily solvable.

Earlier this year he was pulled over and cited as driving without a license which was not reprimanded by the police, but in this incident he had to turn himself in to the police and has another lovely booking photo. If you have watched the police’s body cam footage, Jones was acting very irrational and accusing the cop of picking on him since in his eyes he did nothing wrong. Still, he used indecent language and called the police derogatory terms all while the officer stayed calm and asked for the information to write Jones a ticket. Hey, maybe Jones did not do something wrong or he was concerned about how this ticket would affect him. Will Jones go to jail for this? Most likely not it is just a speeding ticket, but the problem is that this is not something that should be happening.

Jones has a long string of issues and driving whether it be DUIs, DWIs or getting pulled over. How does a world class champion and multi-millionaire not have a personal driver? Call a cab? Or an Uber? All of this would take these chances of putting a million dollar generating event in the clear and not at risk? Jones has many training partners, a wife and other people that could drive him. Stop driving and get to fighting.

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