Jon Jones Swears To God and On His Kids That He Would NEVER Do Steroids

Jon Jones Has Been Suspended By USADA For Another Violation

Two days ago, Jon Jones released this tweet. Swearing that he, of all people would “never” use steroids. What do you think, is it possible that maybe, just maybe that he was framed, that he never used PEDs? Is it really though?

People have really been laying into Jon Jones hard as of late. However, Jones’ former #1 enemy Daniel Cormier seems to think that this, is not the correct approach to treating ‘Bones,’ even after all of what he’s supposedly done. Even telling people to actually “lay off” of him. Releasing this Instagram post just yesterday.

Life can be such a roller coaster. I think sometimes you have to just take a moment and breathe it in. You never know what’s gonna come your way. You try and handle it the best way you can. One thing that has been amazing is the support from you the fans. I have never felt so much love. It’s crazy because this all happened when I lost. Guys now I call upon you to take a breathe, lay off of Jones. Let him and his team figure out what’s going on and what happened. I was down and some may have kicked me but the majority of you showed compassion and love. After the fight Jones showed compassion, regardless of what has happened as humans we must show compassion. Jon is not on this ride alone, remember this man has a family. Let’s respect that. You don’t show ur support for me by hurting others. Again I thank you for ur unbelievable support and I trust that you guys will come thru again. DC 📷@layziethesavage

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