Jon Jones Test Positive for Cocaine

Well, there goes all that best in the world talk, because while Jon Jones is on a run; George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva are not like Jon Jones test positive for cocaine.

Jon Jones tes positive for cocaine

The worst thing about Jon Jones test positive for cocaine is that this test came out a week before the fight.

Jon Jones, unlike other fighters, got away on a technicality. He was randomly tested on December 4th and the results came back a week before the UFC 182 PPV. H e was allowed to fight since it was a metabolite for cocaine and not the drug itself he tested positive for. That means the UFC could put on the fight unlike other fighters who have had to sit out or Melvin Guillard who actually tested for the drug itself.

This is a new idea considering whether or not Daniel Cormier was told that Jon Jones test positive for cocaine. If he was not told then it leaves a liability for the fight and also makes you wonder what comes first whether it is a fighter’s safety and health or if it is the viability of making money which Dana White was ecstatic by the PPV results, but probably less excited by this announcement.

The following is the UFC released statement on Jon Jones test positive for Cocaine.

We support UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ decision to enter a drug treatment facility to address his recent issue. While we are disappointed in the failed test, we applaud him for making this decision to enter a drug treatment facility. Jon is a strong, courageous fighter inside the octagon, and we expect him to fight this issue with the same poise and diligence. We commend him on his decision, and look forward to him emerging from this program a better man as a result.

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