Jorge “Macaco” Patino Interview 2000

We caught up with Macaco at Copa Pacifica where he dominated his match there. This interview was translated by a friend of Macaco’s from Japan. I think a little information got lost in the translation. Enjoy.

OTM: Tell us a little about your fight in San Paulo. MAC: I had a pretty tuff match against Cachorrinho, a young guy in Brazil. I had to use a lot of strategy to win the fight. OTM: What was your strategy going in to the fight? MAC: I tried to make my points first then I locked the fight because Cachorrinho has a good strategy, good game and he could come back to win the fight. So I locked the fight. OTM: Tell us about the Pan Americans. MAC: I had a very tiff match against Ze Marcelo, who was favorited to win the division.


Pan Ams 2000 Garth Taylor v Jorge Patino

The second guy was against Lebonie and in the finials I shared the win with Roberto Godoi my master.


OTM: Who is the toughest fighter you’ve ever fought? MAC: The last two toughest matches I’ve had were against Rodegio Compertio (Allinace) in San Paulo and Murilo Bustamante in the Mundial.


OTM: What is fueling you to fight so much lately? MAC: I fight one match after another because I have a very good trainer named Mario Silva. I have a very good diet, so I can fight a lot. I also work out a lot and training a lot so I can fight good. Most important I have Jesus in my heart.


OTM: Tell us a little about your training, what type of routine do you follow? MAC: I wake up train, I run after training then I sleep a little. Eat then run again, workout and then freestyle vale tudo at night. OTM: How many days a week do you train? MAC: Monday through Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday just aerobics box and steps.


OTM: Do you take any supplements? MAC: I am sponsored by Power Genics and Flex Gold too. I take those vitamins.


OTM: Are they proteins shakes, what kind of vitamins are they? MAC: No, not a protein shake but a cereal shake.


OTM: What kind of weight training do you do how often? MAC: Yes I work with my trainer about four times a week. He trains me for not just strength but also cardiovascular.


OTM: What do you do right before a tournament? Any special routine? MAC: Train hard till the day before the match to make sure I am 100%, I always want to beat the guy.


OTM: Will you be fighting vale tudo again any time soon? MAC: Yes I will be fighting Carlos Newton in WCF in September. If I win I will fight Sakaraba in Japan.


OTM: Who do you think will win Royce Gracie or Sakaraba? MAC: Sakaraba, I think today in Vale tudo you have to know more than just Jiu-Jitsu. You have to know how to kick, punch and take to the ground. Then Jiu-Jitsu in a compliment for everything.


OTM: Do you think if you had more time you would have beat Pat Miletich? MAC: I think that I had a good match and fought very well. I am very satisfied. I think I’m going to try to beat him in another time?


OTM: What did you think of Margarida’s performance in San Paulo? MAC: Margarita is my student and all that he has learned he has learned at Roberto Godoi Jiu-Jitsu. I think he has very good Jiu-Jitsu, but he has one weakness in he always tries to finalize the guy to win the fight. But he will learn and he will be the next Rickson Gracie in my opinion.


OTM: How old is Margarida? MAC: He is 22 years old.


OTM: How big is your school in Brazil? MAC: 16 schools and 1500 students, I work everyday and 6 in the morning till late at night. I just arrived here this morning from brazil and I am ready to fight.


OTM: Is there any reason why you are out fighting so much these days? MAC: Basically, I want to be the champion and I want to beat Pele. Even now I am getting older.


OTM: Who do you want to fight next? MAC: I don?t choose my oppoinents. Who ever Jesus puts in my way I’m going to fight.


OTM: Any tips for Gringos meeting Brazilian girls? MAC: Just be a cool guy, train in Jiu-Jitsu and always win.


OTM: Anything else you want us to add? MAC: Thank you for doing this interview and thank you to Lilly and Cleber for putting on a good level tournament. I plan to come back and next year. Most I want to thank Jesus, he gives me everything. I?d like to thank my sponsors Bad Boy, Dragao Kiminos, Power Genics, Spy Sunglasses, and Ringo Cabeveleiros.

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