Jose Aldo talks about his next fight

 Present in Shooto 21, held last Saturday, Aldo hit a quick chat with us. On the eve of embarking for Holland, where he is training with Andy Souwer, the UFC champion talked about his next opponent, the work of André Pederneiras in front of Nova União, and more. See below.


How are the preparations for the fight against Mark Hominick?


Everything’s fine, still training hard. Just waiting to get out there and fight.


He said you never got a striker like him. You can also say that he never got a striker like you?


Yeah, I do not know how he wanted to say that, but he is on his right to speak, I want to train, train, and provide the answer up there, not talking. I like doing, not talking.


Vitor Shaolin, in a recent interview, said that André Pederneiras is the best coach in the world, because he makes champions, do not get them ready, like Greg Jackson, for example. Do you agree?


Surely, respect everyone’s opinion with respect to Greg Jackson, but if you see well, he does not reveal athletes like Dede has revealed, as Master Rafael Cordeiro has revealed. Not applicable only to build a strategy and play upon it, that could change even the structure of the athlete. All who are with Dede were his cubs. That’s why I consider Dede and Cordeiro the best coaches in the world.

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