Josh Barnett is this week’s guest on Carson’s Corner!

Former UFC heavyweight champion and current top threeheavyweight fighter Josh “The Babyface Assassin”Barnett joins Carson’s Corner this week for anexplosive and very entertaining interview.

Barnett and Carson discuss a potential MMA fightinvolving Barnett and Kurt Angle, his recent victoryover Yoshida, his possible ties to Mark Cuban’s fightpromotion, problems with steroid testing proceduresthat the commissions are using and much more. Youwill hear Josh talk about his time in the UFC and whathe thinks of Dana White. This is an interview thatyou will not want to miss.

Bob also covers the latest news and rumors, and has adirect message for Ken Shamrock. As always, listeneremail is answered.

This may be the best Carson’s Corner of 2008.

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