JPJJ Affiliate News: Anaconda MMA Keeping Busy!

 Our family in the Midwest looks like they’re going to be very busy over the next couple of months. Anaconda MMA/Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu Affiliate in St. Peters, MO Head Coach Justin Polette is going to have his hand full training his stable of fighters and competitors! Check our what our brothers and sisters in St. Peters, MO have going on!

April 25th – Anaconda MMA Bragging Rights IV

(Bragging Rights is our in-house, quarterly submission grappling tournament. We invite past and present students, as well as competitors from schools in the area that we have a friendly relationship with. Everyone in the school competes, regardless of rank or experience.)

May 7th – Missouri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu State Championships

Jose Murillo – Mens White Belt Middleweight Gi and No-Gi

Erven Fernandez – Mens White Belt Medium Heavyweight Gi and No-Gi

Dave Parks – Mens White Belt Lightweight Gi and No-Gi

Isaac Lester – Mens White Belt Lightweight Gi and No-Gi

Aaron Green – Mens White Belt Medium Heavyweight Gi and No-Gi

Matt Crown – Mens White Belt Super Heavyweight Gi and No-Gi

May 28th – Inner Circle MMA

Jose Murillo – Welterweight MMA

Erven Fernandez – Welterweight MMA

Dave Parks – Lightweight MMA

We wish of family out in the Midwest luck! We know you will do well! Bring home the Big "W"!

For more information about training at one of the Best MMA schools in the St. Peters and Surrounding Area, contact Owner and head instructor of Anaconda MMA Justin Polette at…



ST. PETERS, MO 63376




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