Junior PQD celebrates victory in JF Evolution Fight

 Junior "PQD" submitted Elias Souza in JF Fight Evolution, last Saturday in Juiz de Fora, and came into his fourth consecutive victory, all set in the first round. Pleased with the performance and waiting for confirmation from his debut outside of Brazil, "PQD" commented the fight.


"I was supposed to fight with an Argentine. Then came a Peruvian, who was replaced by another Peruvian. But in the end who fought was Elias Souza, from Teresópolis", he said, "The event was cool. The card had only great fighters. Also, Luiz "Betão", from my academy, defeated Maurício "Facção" by unanimous decision. As for my match, starts quite busy and soon I hit hard kicks in Elia’s head. I took a knockdown, after he went through my legs, I put the base and got the guillotine standing. Now I’m waiting Marcelo Brigadeiro call me to fight out there (in England)".

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