Keenan Cornelius DVD Set On Sale Today!

 If you are a fan of competitive Jiu Jitsu, you have certainly heard the name Keenan Cornelius – He won his weight class and the open division at every major IBJJF tournament in 2012 at purple belt and he has become, without question, the most dominant brown belt in history.  

He basically doesn’t lose.  

The funny thing about Keenan however is that he wasn’t always this dominant.  In fact up until 2012 – his sixth year of competition – he hadn’t won much at all at the big tournaments. 


Then something happened: He started winning those matches he used to lose and hitting those moves he used to miss. 


The changes he made in his technique weren’t huge – big doors swing on small hinges. 

Today Keenan would like to share with you the oppertunity to get his new dvd set.


You can get the set and some cool bones at the link bellow.  Limited to 500 copies.


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