Ken Pavia joins Carson to talk world domination!

Ken Pavia is one of MMA’s most lovable rogues, and today he steps back into Carson’s Pit to thrash out more important issues!

“The Pav” is always one of the most outspoken and entertaining figures from the combat sports world, and when he and Carson get together the result is always dy-no-mite!

Bob and Pav discuss the new huge signings for MMA Agents, an update on the Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns eye poke controversy, the status of Joe Riggs and Sean Salmon after their run-ins with the CSAC (including kazja’s theories on them), and much more! Pav also gives us an update on the status of fighters like Ricco Rodriguez, Mark Kerr and Jeremy Williams.

In addition, Carson gives his thoughts on sumo reefer madness and analyzes the future of Russia’s own “Pineapple Express” – Roho, Wakanoho and Harukozan. Bob also delivers a warning to the AIBA and the IOC about women’s olympic boxing and answers some of your mail. Don’t miss it!

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