Kevin Lee… Gives Conor McGregor A “Pass” On Racism

Yeah, I re-used that meme from last week’s post, I refuse to use new content for an equally idiotic topic.

Anyway… You’ve heard of it by now, for sure, Conor McGregor is being called a racist and a bigot because he told Floyd Mayweather to “dance for me boy!”

And, because everyone is so uptight about little tiny things these days, they decided to jump STRAIGHT to the origin definition of the word “boy,” which technically means slave or servant, not black mind you, JUST servant/slave… But, because Floyd Mayweather is a black man (and has also said that he doesn’t think McGregor is a racist) and because we often associate blacks with servitude and slavery quicker than we do whites, everyone decided to roll with the idea that McGregor was just being a racist a**hole against poor, little Floyd Mayweather.

And as for stuff like this:

REALLY? Did we really need that “explained?”

Wait… What was this article about again?

Oh yeah, Kevin Lee said something about… Something related to Conor McGregor, not being racist, or being racist and Lee being okay with it, I don’t even know anymore, here’s the video.

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