Killer Triangle Escape to Multiple Foot Locks Video.

 Learn This Killer Move From UFC Fighter Alan Belcher’s Immunity Course: The 911 Triangle Killer!

In this exclusive video you get to see one of Alan’s favorite triangle defenses into some killer foot locks!

Alan breaks down his step by step 911 Triangle Defense and also reveals to you exactly how you can use their submission attempt to come back and SUBMIT your OPPONENT+ See Alan’s Secret Training Camp Spy Cam!

This is a technique ripped right out of Alan’s Immunity MMA Course, that breaks down in a simple easy to understand way, how MMA fighters and grapplers can use defense to mount a powerful offense and all of Alan’s most effective, highe percentage submissions!.

Alan Belcher’s Immunity Course Will Give you:

The ability to beat "technically" better fighter and grapplers than you

The secret to avoid all types of submissions and bad positions from any type of fighter or grappler

A deadly toolbox of mean submissions that you can catch from everywhere

The exact moves Alan has used in his fights that have helped him get to the main card of the UFC and exactly how you can use these moves too!

The confidence to try new things in training and fights knowing you cannot be submitted even if you end up in a bad position!

Alan is known for his ability to beat "technically" better fighters than himself and he shows YOU exactly how he does it!

You will be getting one more Immunity MMA Video in the next few days and then get the chance to get one of Alan’s limited edition 6 Disc Immunity MMA DVD sets when they release on April 25th at 2pm.

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