Kron Gracie Gi, NEW!


We made this Gi in honor of one of the best Jiu Jitsu grapplers currently active in the sport.

It’s made of the same quality material as our Gold Weave Gi with special hits from the Rickson Gracie school. 

Made of the softest goldweave ever, this gi was built for comfort, but still fitted and triple stitched to handle your toughest training sessions. The 14oz Twill Cotton Denim pants are made to last forever. Triple and Double stitched at every seam and fully reinforced crotch with triple gusseted. Ciba Antibacterial wash treated to keep the nasty staph and ringworm from living in your gear. 

Belt not included. 


    * 5’2"-5’5" | 110-140 | A-1
    * 5’5"-5’9" | 140-170 | A-2
    * 5’9"-6’1" | 170-200 | A-3
    * 6’0"-6’4" | 200-250 | A-4
    * 6’0"-6’4" | 225-275 | A-5



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