Lava Jiu Jitsu Promotion Day!!!

         Mauricio Rizzada & Cadu Francis head instructors of Lava Jiu Jitsu in La Mesa, California, recently promoted 19 of their Jiu Jitsu members to the next level. Mauricio & Cadu both stand by the words “Belts are earned not given.” Both instructors felt this past weekend those word came into play that many of their students have earned the right to join the ranks of the next level. Congratulation to everyone whom was promoted, this is one small stepping block in your jiu jitsu career to reach the ultimate goal of Black Belt. Again congratulations, keep training hard.

Bandon –    Blue Belt

Patrick –      Blue Belt

Rob –          Blue Belt

Joel –          Blue Belt

Victor –       Blue Belt

Ty-              Blue Belt

Tom –          Blue Belt

Enrique –    Blue Belt

Sam –         Blue Belt

Jay –           Blue Belt

Shane –      Blue Belt

Jeff-           Blue Belt

Randy –      Blue Belt

Scott –        Blue Belt

Eddie –       Blue Belt

Jorge –       Blue Belt

Giovanni – Yellow Belt

Louie –        Yellow Belt

Riley –         Yellow Belt

Sydney-      Yellow Belt


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