Legendary kickboxer and MMA newcomer Rick Roufus joins Carson!

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http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comAnother exciting edition of Carson’s Corner is here! This time, the legendary Rick “The Jet” Roufus flies into Carson’s Pit. Will “The Jet” and Bob get crazy before the election and try to buzz the control tower? Tune in to find out!

Bob and Rick sit down to discuss Roufus’s storied career as a kickboxer, including his wins over Dutch master Rob Kaman (and Kaman’s negative comments about Rick and his style after losing), his battles with UFC legend Mo Smith, his jump to MMA and having EIGHT fights in 2008 alone, his thoughts on the Kimbo Slice debacle, his foray into the world of boxing and whether it was difficult not to throwing kicks to the head under those rules, his thoughts on KOTC commentator and fellow striker Don “The Dragon” Wilson and much more!

Afterwards, Carson takes some time to discuss the recent Sengoku event, Gomi’s loss, the rumored Thomas Denny vs. Pat Miletich fight, Cro Cop’s rematch with Overeem and your listener e-mails!


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