Leonardo “The Wizard” Xavier Interview

For seminars or private lessons contact Leonardo through email at contact@leonardoxavier.com or call Joe Priole at 856-482-9555OTM: How did you first find out about Jiu Jitsu and why did you start training?LX: A friend of mine used to train at the same school as me. He was training Jiu Jitsu with Rillon Gracie. I was training Tae Kwon Do. One day he challenged me and he was only playing with me. Then I found out Jiu Jitsu was the best techniques in the world. So then I started training with him. He as close to a purple belt a real good blue belt. That is how I got started.

OTM: When did you start train under a black belt & who?LX: I always trained with Saulo Riberio he gave me my Black Belt. I started training at Gracie Tujica but then I moved my training to Copacabana with Saulo and I am still there.

OTM: When did you get your black belt?LX: 1999 After the Mundial.

OTM: How long had you been training?LX: Almost 12 years.

OTM: What are your major accomplishments in Jiu Jitsu?LX: 3 x Mundial medallist, 2 x Brazilian National Champion, 3 x State Champion.

OTM: What fights do you have coming up?LX: The most important for me is Grapplers Quest on March 29th. All the guys are heavier than me. I will fight under 160lbs. I really trust my Jiu Jitsu and I am going there to show my technique and try to win with technique.

OTM: What else will you be doing while you are in the states?LX: After the fights I will start a seminar series. I will be in Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey & Philadelphia. Some of the school are part of my association and other are just places that invited me.

OTM: Tell us about your association.LX: It all started with the TPC (Texas Punishment Crew) guys in Texas and then I stated meeting more guys and now I have six schools in my association. All my students follow my philosophy of Jiu Jitsu. The schools help me a lot. We are growing and getting better as a team and I think in the Pan Ams we will have 20 guys fighting.

OTM: Do you have any plans to fight NHB & have you ever fought him before?LX: Yes, I am talking to the guy from Renegades. If I get the chance I will fight for sure. It will be my first fight.

OTM: Where did you get your watch? I want one!LX: Joe Priole gave it to me! Pretty nice!

OTM: Where did you get your nickname?LX: The first guy to call me “The Wizard” was my good friend Kid Peligro. He called me that because even in a simple position I can create many variations and he said this cause I can make some “tricks” to make my positions work with even heavier guys.

OTM: Tell us about your style of jiu jitsu?LX: I like a lot to break the guys balance and sweep from the guard but my style is to make the guy tap.

OTM: Anything else?LX: I would like to thank all the guys at On the Mat for giving Jiu Jitsu the change to grow and supporting Jiu Jitsu guys. I would also like to thank my TPC guys and Jim that have been supporting me for over 2 years now. Also my good friend Joe Priole. Thanks

For seminars or private lessons contact Leonardo through email at contact@leonardoxavier.com or call Joe Priole at 856-482-9555

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