Living at connection rio, friday 19th march 2010

Today is friday and a lil worn out from the week we all wake up aching, im first to lighten the mood by drawing a six pac on and telling every one my new abdominal routine, the arrivel of a giant swedish guy jonas is the first thing to take my attention, clearly impressed with my art work the 6ft somthing giant introduces himself, im glad to see he has already been training (nice work). As its comming up to G.I Erics last few days i decide to take him and john up the waterfall to get some nice pictures, he has a fight comming up so i suggest we run it and game as ever he changes hes sandles for running shoes. at the top we spend some time taking pics climbing the rocks and waking our body up with the re-freshing water then its back down the bottem to get some food before dennis’s class, its fill ya plate friday today so we head to the bakery were they offer a full plate of food for 8.50RS then back to the house to wait for dennis.

Today we are joined by Cadu a purple belt vale tudo fighter from brazil who will be training with us untill hes fight, we mostly rolled live today and all seemed keen to train hard as its the end of the week.

After training Me, dennis and mike all went up to In The Guard to do an interview about our time in rio. and then off to a designer to work on a new logo for mad jack the hat (comming soon) waiting at the bus stop was a nightmare 40 mins till our bus came and we were crammed like sardines in there, then back to the house were everyone dcided against drinking and opted for an early night so we can go train open mat tomorrow

thanks mad jack the hat

if it aint mad it aint jack

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