living at connection rio saturday 20th march 2010

I wake up to the sound of my phone, dennis asks me to let the cleaner in and its time for training, its erics last day so i decide to train him for hes fight as i have to pick up a doctors note from the gym anyway. The rest of the guys are busy training down stairs in the BJJ open mat while im putting Eric through his paces up stairs on the mits. Afew of the guys are off to meet girls today (the ones we meet on st patricks day) so every one is out, me eric and odd job go to the copacabana saturday market but first a lil detour to PePe beach to grab one last acai for Eric. The beach is packed full of hott women and good fighters and every one is lively as the wether is amazing, we jump on a bus to copa and arrive at the end of the beach (see pic above) we walk around for a while admiring the views then head to the market so eric can by some souvenires and i can get him a fica (wish braclette) for good luck, being in the sun all day has taken its toll on us and we all sleep on the way back, we stop off at the cafe on the way home for an aqua de coca (cocanut juice) and then bk to the house to see eric off. The guys are still out except bing and joe so we decide to go to oswaldos 5 min from the house

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