living at connection rio: the aftermath 18th march 2010

Ok 1st thing i hear wen i wake up is Bing shuffling around, as he lost hes tampoons he couldnt come out with us hes doing the morning session, i see the rest are still sleeping so i roll over and catch some more ZZZZ a few hours pass and i wake up to the guys sharing stories of scuffles, girls and drunken madness (sounds a bit more like it) catching up and joining in i hear dennis arrive and the reality kicks in when he said those dredded words ” YOU GUYS TRAINNING ” not wanting to let him down or my training partners and more importantly me, i mummble a ”yes” the rest of the crew failed and stayed in bed. so the class was 6 people.

This session was fast paced and every one was helping, enthusiastic advice comming from Sherar the time keeper, and as always dennis jumps in on the live rounds and has a little roll to show he still has some tricks to crush us with. End of the session and dennis gives me the great news that hes found a place i can get a MRI at so i can hurry up and get back training and fighting.

I’m asked to stay behind and give a hand with one of the kids dennis teaches, on speaking to dennis i find it facinating hes love for teaching and how in depth his views are, we speak about the importance of children learning these movements at such a young age and  how stress free it is on there bodies, i then get a chance to roll with the youngster and find it a unusually technical experiance, the end of the session the kid shows hes greatfullness and the session is ended.

Back at the house we do our usuall backery run (5 min walk from RCHQ) getting a coffee and sharing banter with the waitresses. then just across the road to mundial (a shopping market) to get some grub.

me and NEV decide to do our daliy body weight session of 35 dips, 35 chin-ups and 35 press ups  in the park on the way back, then im off to the gym to train stand up with G.I eric spellman, I promised him i’d help out as he seemed keen to learn and had a fight comming up in the states, a 3 round tornament 1st round BJJ if you win 2ND round pancrase then 3rd round MMA. Hes training really hard and i could see the improvements in the first 20 mins, well done Eric keep it up and im sure you will be making us all proud.

After that its back to the RCHQ to sleep off the hangovers .


thanks mad jack

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