Living at Connection Rio – Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Today  i decide to train the 2 o clock class and the evening class so i can have a lay-in, i still wake up at 8 to hear some of the early birds shuffling around but im back asleep in no time. when i do finnaly wake its mid-day and every one is doing shopping so the fridges and cudboards are staked with a variaty of foods every thing from greens to snickers bars. the day is scortchin hot and a few of us have sunburn from the beach time yesterday and if you have ever trained gi with a sunburn you’ll know it sucks. So off to the coffee shop before training to get some bad ass juices and a coffee efor training. At the house dennis walks through making sure everyone is training and theres no slackers,  all of us train except bing who was at the beach with emily and mike who trained no gi earlia but mike came any way otherwise he feels left out.

The session was alot of side control escapes and  top possition arm bars, chokes and neck cranks perfect for my game.

back home and on the creatine, as i seem to be getting tired so dennis found me some and ginseng and guranana no excuses now. we all relax on the computers checking f/book and e-mails

Evening class is full of black belts and we are tought arm bars and sweeps from rommel (dont forget to look at his podcast on the connection rio website) end of class and were all very tired, evry one is in the lounge talking about there plans when they get back, annoying girlfriends, and what there goals are, then its bed time.

alot of the guys have been writing techniques down and i find this helps alot with mentaly remembering them it works with boxing combos aswell


thanks mad jack the hat


if it aint mad it aint jack

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