Living at Connection Rio – Wednesday, March 25th, 2010

YOOOOWWWWZZZA mid week is here and im tired as a slothe, thanks for every one keeping updated and tell your friends about it lets get every one knowing about connection rio and the stuff we got going on it would be a shame for you all to miss out.

ok so my body hurts all over on the plus side my knee feels better and i get an MRI tomorrow, today was a pretty standard day in connection rio trained gordos morning session, with arm bars from side control, then grappled 3 round with 3 black belts. I have grown to like the morning session and how close everyone is, today for example i was invited to the st george mass on st georges day.

i get home and Bing is bothering me to teach him capoeria, the sun is beating and the grass is freshly cut, u got the picture, right its Jenga time (jenga= the dance people do whilst playing) hes picking it up fast and now calls me his mestre

dennis’s session is next and cadu comes again to join in as he has a fight soon, every one is keen to train with this carioca, dennis teaches a load of side control attacks today and we all grapple after.

wen training is finishes we get showered and go eat, half the house goes out and the other half sleep im in the sleep half good night people

tomorrow ill let u know how the MRI gets on

mad jack the hat

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