Lolo Cousin gets OTM Fame in

Lolo Cousin is Frances top female competitor and is sponsored by OTM. Recently she apeared in a French martial arts magazine with some OTM gear on! Thanks Lolo. This is the translation of the article:  “We waited impatiently the participation of number 1 Frenchwoman, Laurence Cousin, who affirms herself a little more each year on the international podiums. It had extremely to do since it meets as of the first match, that who was going to become the new champion of the world :Kyra Gracie (brown belt and cousin of Renzo Gracie).

The Brazilian girl won the match of accuracy (2 to 0), over only one small sweep. Laurence returns the high head and patiently waits her revenge at the time in the next competition.

2004 will be also the revelation for Laurent Verger (De la Riva Monptellier) who becomes champion of the world in blue belt (+100kg) like Michel Salvadori, nisois a 28 years practising the jiujitsu since 5 years at David Giorsetti, who makes a success of a turn of force and won 4 matches in purple belt! David Pierre Louis will have less chance and will incline itself at the points at the time of the first match of his category, but will pass a turn in absolute.”

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