Long Beach Fight Night 3

Long Beach CALong Beach, Ca – Wrestling standout Jesse Juarez (6-5) would need less then two rounds to rebound from his last lost as he would submit his opponent Thomas Kenny (12-3) via strikes Sunday Night at Long Beach City College.

Aside from a brief striking exchange that came early in round one Juarez would control the fight using his takedowns and positional control. Anytime Kenny would attempt any movement he would be the recipient of some brutal punches and elbows and after having his back taken he would find himself tapping out to punches with less then a minute left in the round.

In a dominate performance Team Millennia’s Daryl “The Mongoose” Montague (1-0) would out work PFC veteran Scott “The Sza” Brommage (1-3). For three rounds Montague would use crisp strikes, takedowns and the top position to bloody up and control his opponent. To his credit Brommage would show a lot of heart that night but in the end Montague would prove to be too much him as he would find himself tapping to a rear naked choke with less then thirty seconds left in the fight.

In a heavyweight war Manny “Bam Bam” Lara would take on fellow new comer Bryan “Bone Krusher” Keith. In this back and forth battle both fighters would brawl using right hands, dirty boxing and the clinch to attempt to control the fight. As each round would pass neither fighter would give up any ground and although it would be Lara who would land the crisper punches it would be Keith who would take the fight to the ground. In the end however it would be Lara’s hand that would be raised as the judges would award him the unanimous decision victory giving him his first professional victory.

In welterweight action Anthony Ferguson (3-0) would up his record to 4-0 Sunday night as he would submit Jiu Jitsu purple belt Frank “The Tank” Park. As the bell would ring both fighters would come out swinging as both landed kicks and punches early on. Seeing that Park would match what he had on the feet Ferguson would change up his game and shoot in for the takedown. Once in top position Ferguson would clear the legs and lock up an arm triangle that would force his opponent to tap.

Unfortunately that evening both Jim “The Pitbull” Ramsey (3-2) and Demetrice “D’ ablo the Saint” Woods (0-1) would fall victim to injuries in their bouts. While Woods would pop his shoulder while exchanges punches with Keneti “Monsta” Faagata, Ramsey on the other hand would injure his neck while in the clinch with wrestling stand out Maurice “Syko” Eazel (5-9). Even though both fighter would leave the ring on their feet it would be unclear the extent of their injuries. In other action Danny Juarez would use his submission skills to submit fellow newcomer Miles “Howitzer” Howard via rear naked choke in less then one round of action.

Finally on the card Ron Turner (0-2) would score his first win of his career as he would use a head and arm choke to submit his opponent new comer Alex “Mad Dog” Rickards.

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