Luiz Azeredo celebrates sequence of fights in the U.S.

 Luiz Azeredo just had done a marathon of four fights in the United States in less than two months. There were three victories and one defeat. The fighter was two years away from MMA rings, but never stopped the training at Chute Boxe. Azeredo told how his life is in America.


You’re living in the United States?


I’m spending a season. I’ll be back soon to Brazil, but then return to the United States. Have more opportunities here.


How was winning three fights in that short period?


The victories were not more important than to fight four times in 50 days. Every fight I went over the pace and it was very good. My body barely recovered and I was fighting again, suicide mission (laughs). I’m focused and concentrate during practice. I was very pleased with the results. It was very good fights. Even the one I lost it was good.


What is your analysis on the quality of his opponents in those four fights?


I faced hard athletes and of different styles. Dude, here has many events of smaller size, but this not means that the fighters are weak, in contrast, are great and everyone is looking for a place in the sun.


How happened so many followed invitations for you to fight?


Every battle that I did the events became aware of me and invited me. As I did well, with no major injuries, they gave me the opportunities.


You stayed away from MMA for two years. How was going back and doing this marathon?


I was not fighting, but I kept the sequence of daily training. I know that in career you have to always be ready because it is normal they call you in the last minute. Thanks to this thinking I keep myself prepared.


When you fight again?


Now I’m waiting for fate to have more proposals.


You want to make any final comment?


I thank God for the blessings achieved and my training partners here in the United States: Plínio Cruz, Cosmo Alexandre and the entire team of the Gold Team USA of Jorge Patino "Macaco".

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