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” Hey jack hows germany?”

A question everyone asks me with a huge smile on there face knowing i was in brazil and now im here, i userlly have the same reply to the question, ”its amazing” its not the place or the people the weather or the veiws that make you happy its being one step closer to your dreams and goals, i had times in brazil were i would be on the beach sipping a coconut juice starring at the big waves through the hundreds of beautifull women thinking dam i miss a roast dinner in an english pub 🙂 but those times were rare and being in brazil definatly makes tuff times easier to deal with. Here in germany im constantly focused on fighting wether im teaching training or chatting with team mates about it there is no escape from being on the path to kick ass.

when i arrived here i asked niels if i could fight whilst im here he told me i can but dont let it get in the way of your teaching. i got a fight after alot of e-mails to shows in u.k and germany, i landed main event on a show in germany, against robin dutry a 5-2-0 fighter. recently when me and daniel was sparring he was coaching daniel and ignoring me, 1st i was angry and thinking that i wasnt being taken care of and this and that, so i spoke to niels and he told me when i prove myself to him he will put more time into me well this was motivation for me, to win my next fight i knew i had to prove i ment buisness.

the day of the fight me daniel, sunnay, joel, ole and marc all went up to the fight, i saw my opponent a friendly black guy who was keen to go, i introduced myself to him and the evening got on its way.

1st up was a student of mine ole he took a submission fight on the event last moment and choked the guy out in 3 mins or so i was very proud. Secons was sunnay a good wrestler who is game as u like and wanted to tear the guy apart he went out and done the job landing a nice superman punch and nearly snapping the guys arm off on the ground, so it was 2 wins both by way of submission (i think its down to there new grappling coach)

Next up was me, be for my fight i got warm made a prayer and thought about all the things that drive me to fight, i thought about all the time people have put into me all the sacrafices ive made for this sport failed relationships lack of money injuries missing important dates, sweat blood and i thought about brazil the hours id put in on those mats thailand the days i spent hobbling around on bruised feet and shins, niels last words echoed in my head ” go out there beat that fucking guy and prove to me you want this”

we arrive in the middle of the cage as we touch gloves robin (my opponent) said something like lets give them a show, in my head i thought no way im here to finish this fight and earn my place on the big shows, i backed him up landed a inside leg kick to straighten him up took him down against the cage and as he drove forward took a guillotine and pulled half guard  i could here him choking and trying to punch to break free but i kept it on untill the refferee pulled my arms off his neck and raised my hands. WINNER!!!!


as i tell people im in there to finish fights when i train i train to submit quick af i need to stand up i will if i need to punch i will my goal is to finish the fight quick and hard, without taking damage so i can fight again as soon as  possible.

im now waiting on hearing when my next fight is, stay posted on my youtube page and my facebook and twitter for the video and to see were im fighting next.


thanks guys Mad jack


if it aint mad it aint jack 

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