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 hey guys and girls, long time no chat i know but this is a great post with lots of news so get your self some popcorn and enjoy the show,

so since my last win in germany over robin dutry in 30 seconds via guillotine i was invited to russia to fight in a M-1 selection show in Makhachkala, i know, i know your thinking were is that………then you will look it up on google and say WTF this place is a war zone, me and all the rest of the guys there was thinking the same, but we all went witch proves 2 things either all fighters are stupid or we all love to fight that much we will travle to the ends of the world to get a good scrap, id say its a little of the both.
First im gona chat about the training going into this fight, and diet ect then about the event.
Camp was going good with the team at MMA spirit lots of sparring daniel took no rest after his win on M-1 and was straight back in the gym helping me prepare dennis and max also had fights so the gym was alive with energy every session ending in a sauna were we would chat about our lives being great and how we are excite for our fights and so on, it was two weeks out on a saturday at team training i was weighing 75 kg at the time perfect weight this far out, thanks to dede dean co-owner @ who got me on a solid diet with a great way to make weight, i was wrestling a heavy weight in the gym and tried to thow him then roll for the knee bar we both landed on my shoulder and i herd it crunch………………………. i had a horrible feeling this was more than a little injury as i couldnt move my arm for 2 days as time went on and countinuess therapy from tufan from MMA spirit it was becoming alot looser, being the hippy type i hate using anti-inflammatories so it was taking longer to get to 100% thats when one of my students offered a trip to his mum (leech therapy petra flecken) who uses leech therapy to clean the blood and take out bruising in the joint, it didnt take much for me to agree to this as i love new remadies and the stranger the better so putting 7 leeches on my shoulder to suck out the blood seemed like a fun time (be sure to look at the pix from my facebook ) after the therapy i went home  and bleed for 24 hours straight i didnt feel light headed or anything but it made my bed look a mess like a horror movie, 2 days later it was feeling better and i started picking up the training wit the last sparring sessions 1 week out insted of 2.
The Fight, we (me and daniel weichel) left Germany on the wednesday and flew to moscow in the morning i was feeling very calm and relaxed going in to this fight, my weight was perfect and i was feeling sharp, the flight was plesent except i had a sleeping pill at the start that got stuck in my throt for 2 hours when it finnally went down we was on the bus driving to the other side of moscow to get on another plane to  makhachkala when we got to the airport we saw the other fighters, everyone sizing each other up trying to guess each others weight its very funny. The guy i was fighting cam upto me and asked what is my name and told me he will be fighting me, he seemed nice enuff and we shoke hands then went to our seats in the airport, when the food came around we both looked at each other to see if the other guy was cutting weight to we both was. we landed in makhachkala at 1am and was greeted in a way thats hard to capture with words we saw evgani kogan (M-1 manager/owner) who was great he greeted us upon arrival and was the perfect display of professionallism all the way through i have meet alot of people in my time and hes very good at what he does. whemn we went out side there was a convoy of jeeps mercades, porche, BMW,  lexus, V.W audi all black they picked us all up and drove us to the hoted all were equiped as we found out later with assult rifles, these guys ment buisness we were protected like princess there was always a mob of armed and suited guys around us and the hotel. we walked in the hotel there was a stack of 20 pizzas for us (obviously i couldnt eat it) that night was the t=night befor the weigh-ins these were said to be at 1pm sharp with a weight check at 11pm and rules meeting at 12pm i woke up at 8 had a little sweat out in the sauna and in a sweat suit maybe 30 mins altogether the way dede has us work our diet it limits your time in the sauna and leaves you feeling full of beans the next day, i cheacked my weight and i was bang on 70.3kg and looking ripped pix will be on my face book, i went to sleep for a few hours woke up for the un-official weight check and had a few sips of water as i was 69.8kgs and sat through the rules meeting and some words from the president who basiclly said ” he was very happy to have us here he hopes we all feel welcome and will put on exciting fights for him, the official weighins were very professionall all but one fighter made weight and then it was a dinner put on by M-1 were we ate like kings and cleaned our plated 3xs over they kept bringing food out for us, whilst eating we were asked if we would like to go to a russian MMA school GORETS i think the name was we drove 20 mins and turned up there, we were welcomed by the locals who were a mixture of fans fighters and local MMA enthsiasts it was great we trained a little and all joked with each other and shared moves and techniques, when we left they let us help our self to the drinks and food and thanked us lots for comming and it was our pleasure.
back at the hotel i ate a little more my weight was back on 80kgs so i was feeling good and ready for bed,
the next day i woke up at 7 am and went for breakfast, i wanted some snickers so i decided to go alone into town and see if i could find a shop it was the 1st time i had been out without security but i had to do it, was nice to see the locals in the village, in the day time i had to do some interviews with the local press witch was cool then it was time to leave and we all jumped in the bus and was on route to the venue. We pulled up to a huge areana surrounded by security armed up to the max with dogs around and huge fences walked in and we was all taken back the place was amazing it had pictures of old wrestling fight and about a 6-7 thousand cappacity, we all got inside the ring and moved around a little got comfortable with it and took it the atmosphere. Back stage in the locker room i was the 1st one fighting in our room so i warmed up with daniel and every one kept a calm and possitive vibe in the room, i was called to fight and went out i was very calm and looked forward to putting on a good show i had no gameplan for this fight as i wanted to showcase some standup and put on a good fight, this is the event my fight starts at 26 mins enjoy, we was invited ring side and we watched the rest of the show it then back to the hotel for the after show lunch.
We went to the room and got changed dropped off our bags and walked down to the restarant we was informed the dinner would take part in a bigger room on the 1st floor. when we walked in there was some of the guys already in there every table was filled with bread dips kebab sticks pofiter rolls sweets fruit caviar and if this wasnt enough we also had waiters comming round with freshly cut meats pancakes and other stuff. The tables also had alcohol on them our table was not drinking but we could see the surrounding tables making the most of the food and more so the drink, there was talks of going to a club but the locals wanted to show us some local music and dancing in the car park. this was like nothing ive ever seen, i really wish my foot had been ok to dance on but unfortunatlly i had to be a spektator. Five cars made up a circle of lights and music then the sounds of clapping laughing and ak47’s filled the air…………thats right apparentlly here in dangtad when clapping is not enough they take out there guns and let off a few rounds in the air hahahahahah.
the next day we was back at the airport a few people looked worse for wear and gave me a good feeling that i gave up drinking.
the orginiser and main guy Evgeni kogan, always had time for anyone who wanted to chat i asked him about his views on womens MMA and also if M-1 will ever do a show in Brazil, with regards to the women MMA he said its good to see women doing it and having put shows on with women fighting befor he backed the idea of women doing MMA and seemed to want it to excel although he did say at the moment it dosent hold as much worth as the mens and thats why it hasnt been on any main events as of yet. About putting a show on in brazil he said that if there was a simular backing by the governmen of brazil as there was from russia he would love to put on a show there as it would be a great place to pick up talent and have it widely displayed.
on reflection of this whole fight and build up i obviously wasnt happy about my fight but thats the game you cant charlie sheen your way through this style of life but i will be back to my ”winning” ways (see what i done there). i had a great experiance in russia fighting amd would like to thank all at M-1 and MMA spirit for making this possible id like to thank dennis asche for all his help with my training also with connection rio, id like to thank all my team mates at MMA spirit and gordo jiu jitsu who constantly help and support me daniel weichel who came to do my corner, also id like to thank dede dean and john hathaway who helped with my diet going into this fight @  also vicky simmonds who helped with supplements.
hope you enjoyed the blog 
sorry bout the spelling and grammer but i dont have the money to hire a secutary to give me head whilst i type
enjoy life be yourself what ever situation you are in
mad jack the hat xx
if it aint mad it aint jack 

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