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Marcio Feitosa Interviews Pre Mundail de Jiu Jitsu 2002OTM: Marcio you have already fought and won the Mundials what keeps you coming back for more?

MF: First because I love to compete & second because I live for Jiu Jitsu. When you fight in a tournament of this level it gives you a lot of exposure. Then I can make money teaching private classes and doing seminars the rest of the year.

OTM: How many times have you fought in the Mundail?

MF: I fought in the 1st and lost. In the second I won. Then the next three I got second place and then I won again.

OTM: Can you give some advice to someone who might be fighting in their first Mundial?

MF: My advice is that I have seen some people at places training just for tournaments and I don`t think that is the right way to train Jiu Jitsu. You should train Jiu Jitsu to learn how to train with no time limits to play all kinds of games top game & bottom game. Then also train for competition. Then when you go to competition take it very serious. It is a big game but if you in your mind take it very serious you pretend that it is really, really serious and it is like a real war. Then it is a real good test for you. If you don`t care and just go there to have fun then it is just another day of training. Not a real test.

OTM: Do you still get nervous?

MF: Yes, I still get very nervous. Sometime my game does not flow because I get too nervous. I am too competitive.

OTM: Have you changed your game or focus this year?

MF: No, I always try to make my game work and be clean.

OTM: What is your opinion on the new Mundial?

MF: I think these guys are not serious because if they want to do something to make the sport grow they should do something nice but they should not try to spoil what already exists. They can do what every want but they do not try to stop something that is already working. Because, before when we had nothing, this was the one that helped everyone. It was the first organization that made Jiu Jitsu what it is today and I can not only fight for money because I grew up watching Rickson, Renzo and Royler fighting for no money just to represent Jiu Jitsu and give it it`s name. I will also fight for money but not just for money I will fight to help grow the sport it`s self.

OTM: Anything else?

MF: Enjoy Jiu Jitsu and try to get everything you can from Jiu Jitsu. Not just medals, or self-defense, jiu jitsu if much more than this. I would also like to thank my sponsor Machado Kimonos.

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