Mario Yamasaki in Trouble For Letting Derrick Lewis Land Extra “Revenge Blows”

The heavy-hitting Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Derrick Lewis nabbed his sixth straight victory just last Sunday night… Demolishing his fellow fighter Travis Browne in the UFC Fight Night 105 main event held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Black Beast” had quite an impressive win, but the events afterwards were no less entertaining…

Veteran referee Mario Yamasaki was bombarded with controversy for letting Browne take too many unanswered blows before deciding to intervene.

Yamasaki had no excuses, according to his interview with MMA Fighting:

“Right in the moment, I already knew that I allowed two extra punches, but the reaction time from a heavyweight is different than a lighter fighter. So when (Lewis) landed the punch where (Browne) went out, he was able to land two more before I came in to stop the fight. But for sure, I should have stopped it a little earlier. Everyone has his days, and I can’t give excuses.”
This is not the first time Yamasaki has faced criticism.

Not that Lewis has had any complaints. Heh Heh… The up-and-coming contender was quite grateful for the late stoppage so that he could deliver a few extra hits to his Browne’s skull, in what appeared to be “revenge strikes” for Browne’s recent allegations of domestic violence.

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