Mark Hunt isn’t Sorry… For Calling Dana White A “Bald C***sucker”

Mark Hunt On The UFC:

The “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt is fighting Curtis Blaydes in Perth, Australia at UFC 221… Hunt, while thankful to be fighting again… Was still upset, wishing that he was instead allowed to fight in the UFC event in Sydney last year, which he was pulled from due to brain-related injuries.

Being pulled from that Sydney event did not come without backlash for the UFC/Dana White.

This curse-filled FaceBook tirade is what we’re talking about:

When asked recently on ESPN, if he was sorry for what he said, he responded with this:

“No, I never regret airing my grievances,” Hunt said. “I like to speak the truth; if the guys didn’t hear then that’s fine, that’s just the way it is…I don’t regret nothing I say. I go out and speak the truth and that’s all I’m [going to] do. If it costs me, it costs me.”

Mark Hunt, who is 13-11-1-1 as of today is no stranger to having conflict with the UFC, especially with the big man up on top, Dana White.

Oh yeah, at some point in all of this, he called Fabricio Werdum a… “Chicken rat?” Did I read that right? Yeah, I did…

“The Super Samoan” is still wishing to burn through his UFC contract as of today.

Here’s the full interview:

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