Master Rickson Gracie Promotes Henry Akins to 3rd Degree Black Belt

Rickson Gracie promotes Henry Akins BJJ

Rickson Gracie promotes Henry Akins BJJHenry Akins, Rickson Gracie’s fastest black belt promotion was recently promoted to 3rd degree at the JJGF Self Defense certification.

Henry has been called the closet thing to training with Rickson himself.  His knowledge of of Jiu Jitsu is on a whole different level than most.

The way he teaches concepts and connection not just techniques makes what he teaches very different from anything I have ever been taught before in 18 years of training BJJ.   He has a way of explaining it so that it sticks and is easily applied right in to your game.  Also, his level of details is why so many black belts travel the world to have him polish up and refine their techniques.

He was Kron’s instructor at the Rickson’s school and was the head instructor there for almost 10 years.

Congratulations Henry! Thank you for all the years of support and training!

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