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It was obvious in the TUF III competition that given his natural ability and time with the right coaches and training partners this guy would be contender in the UFC’s LHW division. I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the greatest amateur wrestlers in MMA, Matt Hamill, a three time NCAA champion and a Deaflympics gold and silver medalist. It was obvious in the TUF III competition that given his natural ability and time with the right coaches and training partners this guy would be contender in the UFC’s LHW division. We caught up with Matt at Fatal Femmes fighting championships and discussed his controversial loss to Bisping, the show and his training.

OTM: We are here with Mat Hamill UFC light heavyweight contender, so mat how have you been? How’s the training going?

Matt: My training is doing really good.

OTM Tell us about your last fight with Michael Bisping?

Matt: I’m feeling little foggy and cloudy. We have unfinished business you know? I am really hoping I can fight Bisping in America.

OTM: Bisping is fighting Rashad evens at the next UFC, are you going to be there watching the fight?

Matt: I will definitely be there on November 17th, and we will see what happens? If Bisping wins I will go over to see him and tell him I want a rematch. I don’t want him to pick another fight; I want him to pick me.

OTM: Looking back at the fight in England, is seemed that by the end of the fight a lot of fans started to like you. In your post fight interview you were very humble with taking the decision, the way Bisping came across in his did that upset you?

Matt: At the beginning all the fans really didn’t like me because I was American you know? Even after that I was a class act; I am not into trash talking. I gave Bisping his respect and credit and he beat me fair and square. Although in my heart I felt I won that fight, but I wanted to thank all the Bisping fans for their support, I was really honored.

OTM: Are you still training with Tito Ortiz, or are just training at your own gym?

Matt: I have my own gym, the Matt Hamill training center. I still talk to Tito and he is doing great job training and he has a great camp. Its unfortunate but Tito and I live so far away from each other; he lives in California I live in New York. So you know it’s pointless but I still keep in touch with him and he is doing a great job.

OTM: In your last fight you really looked great. Your strikes, ground work you really seemed to be able to put them together well. Tell us who have been training with and what you have focusing on to make those improvements?

Matt: I’ve been working on mostly a lot of Jiu-jitsu and a lot of striking. I have an awesome Coach his name is Tim Green he is a boxing coach, and another one is Joe Strasburg, he works on my Muay Thai with the elbows and kicks. My striking is getting a lot better and my performances are getting better and I can’t wait to see my next fight and see how much I have improved it will be a lot different from before.

OTM: Looking back at the show to present, we have seen you have improved a lot. Tell us how it was being on the show, did you like it?

Matt: Well as far as the TUF III reality show I felt as if I should have won it. I want people to remember me in that I am the TUF III light heavyweight champion. I know people have seen that I got robbed with bisping and I want people to see for real. I am hoping I can fight Bisping here in America.

OTM: Is there any word on your opponent?

Matt: I’m not sure the UFC and my manager are still working on it. I just go with the flow and play it by ear.

OTM: Thank you very much Matt we appreciate it.

Matt: Thank you and take care.

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