Matt Serra Interview 2000

Matt ‘the terror’ Serra interview from the Pro Ams December 8th, 2000 What the hell else can we say about Matty Serra, Renzo Gracie’s ass kicking Black Belt? He’s a terror, a cat or maybe that he is unbelievably technical? No way everything has already been said about this guy. We already know he is super cool and he has proven his lady pulling skills at the Pro Am! Wow go Matty S! You can’t take him down. You might get points for trying but if you watch this video closely during the Pro Am footage in his fight against Leozinho you’ll see the dificutly in trying to take him down. You’ll also see the referee gave out 4 points for take downs and they were not take downs. Matt was up four to zero, he could of stalled the fight, but that’s not his style. Matt takes it to the guy from beginning to the end. He’s one tough guy. He fights Vale Tudo, submission grappling and he has won the World Championship of BJJ, The Mundial. He’s going to Abu Dhabi and many say he the US’s best hope for a win. We got footage of it all in the interview. So since I can’t think of anything else to say about Matty S. Check out this video interview and hear from the man himself.

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