Maurice Smith shares his thoughts on fighting Herschel Walker or Mark Coleman

On Wednesday night, former UFC heavyweight champion and current RFA light-heavyweight fighter Maurice Smith joined OTM Radio to discuss his future fight plans, following his successful return to MMA on March 30th.

After Smith’s brutal head kick KO win over Jorge Cordoba at RFA 2, many people have been wondering who he will face next. Smith shared his thoughts on two opponents fans have routinely mentioned they hope to see him face at RFA 3.

Smith first discussed the possibility of facing fellow 50-year-old Herschel Walker, who started MMA after his stellar football career. Smith also shared his thoughts on facing his old rival Mark Coleman. This would be a rematch dating back to the 90’s. Smith defeated Coleman for the UFC heavyweight title nearly 15 years ago at UFC 14.


Maurice Smith shares his thoughts on fighting Herschel Walker:

"Well here’s the thing. Herschel, yeah he has a great body, great athlete. No question. But he’s not my level. He’s only what, how many fights does he got in this business? It wouldn’t be a fair fight. Not to say, that anybody can’t knock anybody out. The overall skill set, he’s not my level. "

"That doesn’t mean he couldn’t give me a tough fight or a hard fight. But he’s not, I mean, but sure I’ll fight anybody. It doesn’t matter. That’s always my motto. I’ll fight the best they put in front of me to see how well I am, but Herschel and I? He’s retired, he’s not gonna fight anymore."


Maurice Smith shares his thoughts on a rematch with Mark Coleman:

"He wants that fight. He wants that fight too. Again, that’s a fight that should’ve happened right after he lost the title, but you know, that talk has been talked about quite a bit. Myself and Mark Coleman rematch. I think that should be a good fight to happen as well."

"There’s a lot of fights that would look good. Some guys are gonna beat me, some guys aren’t gonna beat me… and that’s the way it’s always been, since I was in my younger years, 25-30 whatever. If you have the skills to beat the person, it’s not about the age."


Above: Maurice Smith knocks out Jorge Cordoba with a head kick at RFA 2 (March 30th, 2012).



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