Mega Kombat debuts in Brazil

The result of a partnership between jiu-jitsu black belt Sérgio "Babu" and the manager Léo Bandeira, along with entrepreneurs Thales Maioline and Leandro de Oliveira, the newest Brazilian MMA event was created, called Mega Kombat (MK). The first show is scheduled for July 24th in Governador Valadares, Brazil, with much more to come.


"We have scheduled three events for this year. There will be two in Governador Valadares and the last in Porto Seguro. Next year, we are scheduled to host four events in big cities (Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Vitória, and Rio de Janeiro)", says Sérgio "Babu".


The organizers are working to strengthen the brand and provide the best for fighters and fans.


"First we want to win the targeted public, but the goal is to have a wider access. We have a projection of growth, but with caution, not to take a step higher than the legs. Our goal is to be a watershed in the entertainment segment of fighting in Brazil and expand in two years, our actions. Let’s put the MK brand as quality standards and an object of desire to consumers", said Léo Bandeira.


In the main event, Andre "Chatuba" (above photo) will face Wendel Negão.


Check out the card of the first edition (subject to change):


MK 1

July 24, 2010

Governador Valadares, Brazil


-André Chatuba (Minotauro/Relma) vs. Wendel Negão (Gracie Fusion)

-Bodão (Nova União) vs. Edgar Casteldeli (Minotauro Team)

-Flavio Polonês (RVT) vs. Antídio Neto (Kaveira)

-Junior PQD (RFT) vs. Marlon Moraes (Nova União)

-Leandro Raru (Soul Fighters) vs. Pedrinho Nobre (BTT)

-Wagner Araújo (Minotauro Team) vs. Daniel Azeredo “Gelo” (RFT)

-Celso Farpado (BMK) vs. Gabriel Monkey (BTT)

-Gilvan Jr. (BMK) vs. Carlos Peixoto (BTT)

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