Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu – Event Results (June/July)


This large, tough annual tournament brought out the best judo athletes from across the US with a twist of international competition (…..athletes from ROM, CZE, NEG, AZE, JPN,…to name a few….).

The following athletes represented Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu and Tennessee:

– Michael Ostrowski, Blake Bobbitt, Scott Combs, Ray Quiles, Taurus Bailey, Jason LaCroix

Everyone had tough divisions and fought extremely well all day. We are very proud of everyone’s performance.

The following are the results from our crew:

Michael Ostrowski – First Place – Men’s Masters Light WeightTaurus Bailey – Second Place – Men’s Masters Heavy WeightTaurus Bailey – Third Place – Senior Men’s Novice Heavy WeightJason LaCroix – Second Place – Men’s Masters Light Weight

Congratulations are in order for the above who competed in the tournament and for those who placed. We all had a great time in the Windy City and look forward to the event next year.


Muay Thai….Noel Martinez (4-0) won via unanimous dec.

MMA………..Jeremy Brock (1-0) won via armlock rd. 1

MMA………..Main Event Steven Combs (2-0) won via choke rd. 1

Congratulations to the above fighters and to promoter Mark Ramano for putting on an outstanding show.

June 16th – EXTREME GRAPPLING OPEN (EGO) – Nashville, TN

Congratulations to Doug Larson who won a gold medal in the Lt. Hvy. Division. Thanks to promoter James Clingerman for putting together a great event.

June 18 – 24 – WORLD MASTERS JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Michael Ostrowski represented the United States and Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu by competing at the World Masters Judo Championships held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Michael was one of 24 Americans that participated in the Championships. The event drew over 1000+ competitors with judo teams from around the world.

Michael, the only American in his division, had very tough competition and fought well in the Men’s M2, -73kg Division.

In the 27 man pool, he had 3 wins and 2 losses:

Round 1) Brazil – Won by Ippon (throw)Round 2) Belgium – Lost by a Koka (small point) in overtime (BEL took the silver medal in the division)Round 3) Brazil – Won by Ippon (throw to submission – strangle)Round 4) Brazil – Won by Ippon (throw to pin)Round 5) Brazil – Lost by Yuko (small point) in overtime

The Finals resulted in Brazil taking the Gold, Belgium the Silver, and Azerbaijan and Colombia taking the Bronze.

June 19th – CHILDREN’S JUDO CLASS BELT PROMOTIONS @ Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu

On June 19th belt promotions for our children’s Judo class were held. Instructors Steven Combs and Senta Whitlow presided over the promotions which the children had worked hard to achieve. Big congratulations are in order for the following students:

ORANGE BELT – Parker, Zane & Corrie

YELLOW BELT – Kenneth, Preston, Mateo, Daniel, Trey & Laney


161-180 PURPLE BELT & Above GI – Alex Meadows – Silver

140 & Under BLUE BELT GI – Matt Laughter – Silver

161-180 BLUE BELT GI – Tyler Rudd – Silver

141-160 NOVICE NO GI – Andrew Williams – Gold

141-160 NOVICE NO GI – Bryant Murphy – Silver

141-160 NOVICE NO GI – Billy Riggins – Bronze

161-180 NOVICE NO GI – Jason Fry – Silver

161-180 NOVICE NO GI – Brandon Murphy – Bronze

181-200 NOVICE NO GI – Hunter Paschal – Gold

181-200 NOVICE NO GI – Gene Gerlich – Silver

181-200 BEGINNER NO GI – Brett Murphy – Gold

181-200 BEGINNER NO GI – Stephen Shephard – Silver

140 & Under INTERMEDIATE NO GI – Matt Laughter – Bronze

141-160 INTERMEDIATE NO GI – Neil Tabor – Silver

161-180 INTERMEDIATE NO GI – Tyler Rudd – Gold

Congratulations to all of the competitors. Thanks to promoters Matt Hamilton and Roli Delgado for holding this great event.


Muay Thai….Noel Martinez (5-0) won via TKO rd. 2

MMA………..Jason McDonald (1-1)…after winning the 1st rd. Jason could not continue due to a broken hand.

Congrats to both guys. Heal up soon Jason. We’re all looking forward to seeing both of these guys back in the ring.

This event was held on the river in downtown Little Rock and featured some of the Mid-South’s top fighters. Thanks to promoters Matt Hamilton and Roli Delgado for hosting this awesome event.

August 4th – ADULT JUDO CLASS BELT PROMOTIONS @ Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu

On August 4, 2007, Michael Ostrowski held judo rank promotional testing at the school. The eligible students went before a Promotional Examination Board and were tested. Each student did extremely well and met the requirements for promotion.

Michael Ostrowski promoted the following judo students:

Senta Whitlow – Shodan (1st degree BLACK BELT)

Ray Quiles – Sankyu (3rd degree BROWN BELT)

Jason LaCroix – Sankyu (3rd degree BROWN BELT)

Taurus Bailey – Sankyu (3rd degree BROWN BELT)

Tony Cullen – Sankyu (3rd degree BROWN BELT)

Congratulations to the above students.

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