Mendes Brothers come to the Bay Area

 This past weekend, the Mendes Brothers, Rafael and Guilherme, were in the Bay Area delivering a seminar at American Kickboxing Academy in Sunnyvale, Ca.  This was a great turnout with a gi session on Saturday and a no gi session on Sunday.  Extra mats were pulled out for the Saturday session!  The Mendes brothers went over technique on top for Saturday and bottom techniques for Sunday.  Even some local champion, Caio Terra, was present drilling some technique!  Even though it was a large seminar, Rafael and Guilherme took some time to roll with some folks.  It is amazing how even though they were smaller than the students, the Brothers were able to find clever and tactful ways to submit their opponents.   It was a real treat to see in real life.  These guys are the real deal!  Techniques that my fellow team mates have seen on youtube were perfected during this seminar.  Everyone took home a lot of great jiu jitsu techniques this weekend. 



Thanks to everyone who came by for the seminar.  We look forward to the next Mendes Brothers visit!!  

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